Faculty Scholarship

Centre for Research, Innovation & Scholarship (CRIS)
The Centre for Research, Innovation & Scholarship (CRIS) helps keep communities safe through an active applied research agenda engaging first responders, first receivers, practitioners, policy makers, stakeholders and services users. The Centre develops new knowledge in emerging disciplines that informs best practice and public policy, enhances justice and public safety curriculum, and leverages learning technologies and methodologies and increases public awareness. Formerly known as Centre for Applied Research (CAR).
Centre for Resilient Communities
The applied research projects that are housed within the Centre for Resilient Communities enable communities to build on and enhance their ability to plan for and be more effective and resilient in the case of emergency disasters.
Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation (CTLI)
CTLI adopts a flexible, team-based approach to program, course, resource, and faculty development for both internal JIBC programs and specialized contract or client interfacing training and education projects. CTLI is recognized as a highly knowledgeable innovator of educational technologies in support of teaching and learning.
Centre for the Prevention & Reduction of Violence
The Centre builds on the experiences of frontline practitioners supporting applied research that translates the knowledge gained through and embedded in practice into curriculum, programming, policy, and theory.
School of Criminal Justice & Security
The School of Criminal Justice & Security offers programs that provide the theoretical knowledge and applied understanding for students and professionals in law enforcement, justice and security-related fields. • Corrections & Community Justice Division • Justice & Public Safety Division • Police Academy • Sheriff Academy
School of Health, Community & Social Justice
The School of Health, Community & Social Justice provides the experiential learning and interdisciplinary programs and courses to help prepare students and professionals to contribute to the health, safety and well-being of others at work, at home and in the community. • Centre for Aboriginal Programs & Services • Centre for Conflict Resolution • Centre for Counselling & Community Safety • Centre for Leadership • Centre for Professional Health Education • Paramedic Academy
School of Public Safety
The School of Public Safety provides the knowledge, skills and experience for current and emerging public safety professionals to respond to and manage emergency situations. • Emergency Management Division • Fire & Safety Division • Driver Education Centre
Student Affairs
Encompassing the departments of Registration & Student Affairs and Student Services.