Mills, Steven

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Steven Mills served as a primary care paramedic (PCP) with British Columbia Ambulance Service in southeastern BC before joining JIBC’s Paramedic Academy as a faculty member in 2006. He has since served as a regional training coordinator, program manager for the Primary Care Paramedic program, and is currently program manager for Practice Education and the Advanced Care Paramedic program. This dual role oversees (1) practicum placements for paramedic, SARTech (Canadian Forces), and Community Care Licensing Officer learners in BC and across Canada, and (2) the delivery of the ACP program across the province. Steven helped create opportunities for paramedic students to educate themselves in or near their home communities which in turn increased the number of health care providers in rural areas around the province. His work on national and international education projects has strengthened the profile of Canadian paramedics internationally for JIBC and in British Columbia.

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