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Linda worked for 25 years as a Senior Policy Analyst in the BC Provincial Government, in the Ministries of Attorney General, Solicitor General, and Women’s Equality, focusing on violence against women, children, and other vulnerable populations. She staffed the BC Task Force on Family Violence, producing the report Is Anyone Listening? and was instrumental in establishing the Victims of Crime program, the first Wife Assault Policy and a Child Sexual Abuse Policy for BC’s justice system. One of her ongoing regrets is that the multi-disciplinary process she led to develop a Sexual Assault Policy for BC’s justice system resulted in a comprehensive policy which was never implemented.

Since retiring from government in 2004, she has worked as a research and social policy consultant for the JIBC, NGOs, and government departments. Publications during this time include: Police Classification of Sexual Assault Cases as Unfounded (2006); Empowerment of Immigrant and Refugee Women Who Are Victims of Violence in Their Intimate Relationships (2007); Keeping Women Safe: Eight Critical Components of an Effective Justice Response to Domestic Violence (2008); Police-reported Spousal Violence Incidents in BC in which Both Partners are Suspects/Accused (2009); and Violence Against Women and Their Children in BC. 33 Years of Recommendations (2012). Linda was a Research Associate at the JIBC Centre for Applied Research from 2009 to 2015.

Linda has an MA in Sociology from UBC. She recently retired from research and policy work and is focusing on other writing.

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