About The Vault

The Vault is the learning and research repository for the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC). It preserves and collects the scholarship of JIBC researchers and students, and provides open access to their digital works. Works that can be freely accessed from the Vault include articles, research reports, books, images, posters, videos, and student capstone projects.

JIBC is a member of the BC Electronic Library Network (BC ELN) institutional repository initiative, Arca.
Arca is a province-wide network of institutional repositories that:
- provides access to faculty and student research across multiple post-secondary institutions via a cross-repository search layer
- supports the management of institutional digital assets
- showcases BC as a hub for knowledge creation across Canada and around the world.

The repository is maintained by the JIBC Library. For information about policies and procedures related to The Vault, visit the Subject Guide at http://libguides.jibc.ca/vault

April Haddad, MLS
Director, Library Services
Justice Institute of British Columbia